Just as the feminism movement hit in the late 1960's, The Philip Morris Company introduced San Francisco Bay Area women to a new 'women's only' cigarette. The Leo Burnett Advertising Agency of Chicago produced a series of tongue-in-cheek magazine ads for Virginia Slims that playfully pitted men against women. Phony sepia-toned photos, picturing the sorry lot of a circa 1900's woman, were juxtaposed against color photographs of a far happier modern woman wearing stylish contemporary clothing. The test market began July 30, 1968, then expanded to all fifty states just 28 days later. By 1969, the first full year of Virginia Slims national distribution, sales were a very respectable .9 percent. American women now had a cigarette they could call their own.
1974 magazine ad 1976 Cheryl Tiegs ad 1977 magazine ad
1977 magazine ad 1979 magazine ad 1982 magazine ad
1971 magazine ad ca. 1982 magazine ad 1986 Olivia d'Abo ad

Would you like to see more of beautiful Olivia d'Abo, the sculpturesque Englishwoman advertising Virginia Slims 120's above? No, I don't mean Ms. d'Abo was a Playboy centerfold, but she did star in the 1995 Walt Disney movie, The Big Green.

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