In his 1951 epic From Here to Eternity, author James Jones had his pre World War II soldiers stationed at Schofield Barracks in Hawaii. Peacetime garrison duty could be monotonous; close order drill was the order of the day. Jones had his soldiers looking forward only to paydays, a visit to the New Congress Hotel, and the end of their enlistment. Payday meant they had enough money for the round trip taxi fare into Honolulu, a social visit at the hotel, and enough left over to buy a pack of tailor-made cigarettes. A 'tailor-made' is slang for a mass produced, factory made cigarette. Camels, Luckies, and Chesterfields were their preferred brands. For that long month between paydays, though, inexpensive five cent bags of roll-your-own smoking tobacco had to do. Pictured below are eleven of my favorite tailor-made brands. For my anti-smoking visitors I've included Elephant Cigarettes. Elephant was a cleverly named novelty pack that contained a fake cigarette with a bladder that could be filled with water and used to squirt the unsuspecting. The R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, manufacturer of Camel Cigarettes, didn't think Elephant funny.
Airline pack Chukker Rounds Mi Best pack novelty pack
Alps pack Spur pack Buckingham Barking Dog
Vermont Maple Skeet Jeep pack Home Run

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